Willhoite Orthodontics is a family-owned practice located in the heart of Claremore, Oklahoma. Dr. Laura Willhoite has been practicing orthodontics since 1995 and has had hundreds of patients that are thoroughly pleased with their results.

Your experience will begin in our waiting room, which is furnished with plush seating, warm tones, and a play area for young children. Whether you are waiting for your appointment, or you are waiting for your child’s appointment, you can expect to feel comfortable and at home.

Willhoite Orthodontics has private exam rooms for every patient. This allows family members to be present during appointments if they choose to do so.  There’s no better way to stay informed of how treatment is progressing than to be there as it happens!  It’s also a great time to ask the doctor any questions you may have.

The equipment that we use in our facility is state of the art and cutting edge.  Our x-ray equipment is completely digital, which means less radiation exposure for each patient, as well as added convenience as the image can be viewed immediately.  We use modern and sterile instruments, and we use a digital scanner for detailed 3-D images of each patient’s mouth. This means gooey impressions are a thing of the past.  Whether you need new retainers, or just need a wire on your braces clipped, the tools we use are effective, efficient and will get the job done right.

9 thoughts on “Home

  1. We have had no updates if the office is open during this time. Is there any way to contact the office to get an update? An email, phone or a msg on your ph recording would be nice.


  2. Good morning.

    I am needing to schedule a braces consultation for the first week of August. I was wondering if you have any availability?

    Thank you!


    • Hi, Fallon! We do have some availability the first week of August. Currently, we are closed for vacation, but will be back in the office on August 2nd. If you would like to call us then, we would be glad to schedule an appointment. Also, please see our Facebook page at Laura Willhoite, D.D.S. Specialist in Orthodontics to message us and receive replies more quickly. Thank you so much for your interest in our office!


  3. Hi, my daughter is an exchange student in Claremore and one of her retainers was broken. Could I have your e-mail-adress in order to send my request with more details via e-mail ? Thanks !


    • Hi, Karen! Yes, we do aligner treatment. We use a company called SureSmile. Just like Invisalign, treatment is performed by using invisible clear aligners to straighten teeth. Thank you for your interest!


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